Meet Our Headway Gauteng Team

Our Governing Body

Headway Gauteng’s Governing Body consists of volunteers elected from a broad spectrum of careers and includes lay people, who have a family member who has sustained a traumatic brain injury. From accountants, medical doctors, social workers and a psychologist with a special interest in neuropsychology, these caring people give willingly of their time. Our board members offer their knowledge and support to our organisation, set policy, ensure that the Constitution is upheld and that donations are distributed and accounted for, with due diligence.


Brian Mallinson Chairperson
June Cruickshanks Vice Chairperson and Founding Member
Jonathan Davis Treasurer
Carol Cannel Board Member
Monica Dube Board Member
Rozanne Gevers Board Member
Prof. Sam Mokgokong Board Member
Dr Thobeka Nkomo Board Member
Dr. Nilesh Patel Board Member


Headway Hyde Park

Christine Buchanan – Manager, Headway Hyde Park


I came to Headway as an intern in 2009 – and never left!! My background is psychology, with a passion for neuropsychology (how an injury to the brain can affect thoughts and behaviour). At the end of 2010 I was offered the post of Therapy Manager at Headway Hyde Park and embraced the opportunity.

What I love about working at Headway is the constant stimulation, as well as knowing that I can help make a difference in people’s lives. How many people can say that after a day at the office?

I am married with a grown up son and daughter and three absolutely gorgeous grandsons! They are my sanity and my chance to get in touch with my inner child. I am passionate about cooking and watch all the foodie shows on TV. I also love to travel.

Sheila Meyerowitz – Volunteer Coordinator, Headway Hyde Park


I had retired from nursing at Tara Hospital and had spent a year at home, when I got a call that Headway needed someone like me. That was 8 years ago, and I feel like part of the family.

Over the years my duties have changed, but now my main responsibility is to supply sufficient happy volunteers to all groups. Our volunteers assist each therapist in charge of the group to make sure all group members benefit from and participate in the groups. I love helping people. Knowing that I am going to make someone’s life easier – that’s what gets me up in the morning.

I have three grown children and four grandchildren who live in Australia. Once a week I get together with a group of friends, and we do embroidery and beading, as well as knitting and crocheting squares for the 67000 blankets for the Mandela Foundation.


Headway Khomelela

Linda Marais – Manager, Headway Khomelela and Headway Soweto

My name is Linda Marais and I am the Manager of our Khomelela (Alexandra) and Soweto branch.   In May 2016 I would have been at Headway for 7 wonderful years.  Headway has been an extraordinary journey and it is my home from home.

“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” — Denis Waitley

Welcome Sikhosana


  • I have been at Headway as a Driver, Gardener and General Assistant since 2008
  • Before that I was doing the gardening.
  • I enjoy the driving and I love our attendees.

I’m married with three children 22, 18, and 10 years.


Headway Soweto

Busisiwe Nkosi – Occupational Therapist Technician

My name is Busi Nkosi and I am the Occupational Therapist Technician at Headway Soweto branch.  I joined Headway on the 1st March 2012. What I like about Headway is it is an association that helps people with brain injury and helps them to understand and  to cope with their disability

Sindiswe Mentile – Domestic Worker

My name is Sindiswe Mentile. I make sure that Headway Soweto is kept clean and I also make meals for all the attendees at the branch.  I started at Headway as a volunteer in 2012 and then the following year I was appointed on a permanent basis.  I enjoy working there as there are a lot of interactions with people.  I enjoy all the picnics and other outings which take place.  This job keeps my mind active which keeps me healthy.  I love my job and I am willing to work at Headway for as long as my health allows me.


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