About Headway

Headway Gauteng, is a registered charity organisation dedicated to offering various support programmes to survivors of acquired brain injury (ABI) as well as support to their families and caregivers. Our member families have either a son, a daughter, a partner, a parent or a friend who has sustained a brain injury (BI).

The vast majority of our injured members have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a result of a motor vehicle, pedestrian vehicle or motor cycle accidents, physical assaults, falls or sporting injuries. Our organisation also assists survivors of other acquired brain injuries such as stroke. All our members have led a full life up until the time of their brain injury, which has caused permanent changes to their physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural processes.

Headway Gauteng is able to offer information, practical advice and better understanding about what this this will mean for the future and how the family can make a meaningful contribution to the recovery of the injured individual.

Headway’s mission :

  • To be a primary, accessible and committed resource for persons or families affected by brain injury
  • To eventually service all communities throughout South Africa
  • To maintain Governance that is respected, capable and transparent

At present, Headway Gauteng has two branches situated in Hyde Park and Soweto respectively, with outreach services in Alexandra.

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