The Masiye Phambili Project

“Masiye Phambili” means “Let us move forward” in Zulu. The Masiye Phambili Project consists of a group of enthusiastic people who have a brain injury, who are making and selling a variety of hand made products.

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What is Brain Injury (BI)?

An Acquired Brain Injury is the term given to an injury to the brain sustained during a person’s life, as opposed to being born with a problem.

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Welcome 2018

Welcome back to all our Headway members, volunteers therapists and staff. Wishing you all a year of love, happiness & good health. Our counselling & support programme as well as our group therapy & actvity programmes are up and running from Monday 15 January 2018. To 2017 – thanks for the lessons. To 2018 – let’s […]

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“Life After Head Injury: Who Am I?”

Here is an excerpt from the booklet “Life After Head Injury : Who Am I?” by Dana Deboskey, Connie Calub, John Burton and Karen Moir.  VERBAL OUTBURSTS: At first, when you were in the hospital, you may have said things to people that you either do not remember or that you can hardly believe the […]

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